"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at B & B Locksmith for the extraordinary work you do for me and for the clients of Thayer & Associates.

As you know, my firm and I have maintained a professional relationship with you and B & B Locksmith that dates back more than twenty years. During that time I have come to depend on the exceptional professionalism and reliability that you are your team routinely and consistently deliver. If there is a problem, even at the worst possible time, you and your team are there to solve the problem and I do not need to give it a moment’s thought.

There is a core group of professional organizations that Thayer & Associates knows it can rely on and B & B Locksmith is clearly at the head of that group.

Thank you for providing such consistently reliable, professional, high-quality and worry free service."

- Douglas G. Thayer, President, Thayer and Associates, Inc.

"I have been extremely impressed with the work and professionalism of B&B Locksmith for the past 15 years. Whether it be work needed here at the Bank or to handle the delicate situation of a foreclosure, Bill and his staff have always provided incredible service."

- Christopher, Winchester Co-Operative Bank

"I have been the facilities director at a private day school in Newton MA (K- 8th grade plus a preschool / daycare) for eleven years. The school has gone through many upgrades in the way of security in that time.

B&B Locksmith has been a constant in our perpetually changing of rooms and upgrades. Bill and his staff have also been our go-to team for any and all door work as well covering everything from door adjustments, replacement parts, latch sets, cores and keys, a comprehensive directory of rooms and matching key numbers, to complete store front double doors sets throughout the campuses.

They also know and understand the culture at the school and they are all coried and fingerprinted per Massachusetts State Law for contractors that are working with and near children.

Following any and all of their work everything is cleaned up showing once again how professional their service is. They are polite and respectful with anyone they come in contact with and a pleasure to have on site.
I would recommend their service to any organization looking to add another "A" list contractor to their Rolodex."

- Larry, Facility Director

"B&B Locksmith Services have been our exclusive contractor at Cambridge Friends School for over 20 years. Bill Cummings and his team are highly skilled professionals; their honesty and dependability are unsurpassed. Over the years B&B has provided our school with many diverse services. They have provided us with installation and repair of locks, complete door and hardware installations, and outfitted a new electronic security system for the entire school. Bill's knowledge, expertise, attentive and prompt sevice have been consistently reliable. We have never needed to look elsewhere."

- Andy Amato, Building Manager, Cambridge Friends School

"I’ve worked with B&B Locksmith for over 20 years. As a Sr. Facility Manager for retail banking sites, security is always the main focus and B&B understands the importance of security. Bill and his team have always responded whenever a repair or service is needed 24/7 X 365 days a year. B&B always brings a wealth of experience to any issue and provides quality workmanship at a reasonable price. When B&B has completed a project I know it’s done right. Thanks B&B Locksmith for making my job easier!"

- Peter F. Barba, Sr. Facilities Manager, Capital One

"I have worked with B&B Locksmith for more than a dozen years. They are professional, reliable hard working locksmiths. They are there when I need them and time and time again. I have used them for both small and large rekeying and door hardware replacement projects and they have always performed the work as promised and on schedule. I would highly recommend B&B Locksmith for any of your locksmith needs."

- Philip, Renzi Bulger Group